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The Tankard

His summo omittantur ad, an pro corrumpit gubergren....

41A Beavor Ln, White City, London, Greater London W6 9BL, UK

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Latest Minutes

Tuesday 24th November 2015 7.30pm

St Peter’s Residents’ Association

Minutes of Committee Meeting held on Tuesday 24th November 2015 7.30pm

@ The Cross Keys Pub, Black Lion Lane, W6

Those present: Stephen Askins (Acting Chair), Lou Devonshire (Secretary), Liz Ryland (Treasurer), Sarah Burrell, Fazina Blanchard, Gill Nott, Nichole Detering. From Item 9 onwards the meeting was joined by various SPRA street reps, and from item 10 by the SNT officers.

1. Apologies for Absence: Jonathan Blackhurst (Deputy Chair), Oliver Leigh-Wood, Paulina Bukaty, Angela Dixon.

2. Minutes of Committee Meeting of 22nd September 2015

The Minutes were approved without changes and will be published on the SPRA website.

3. Matters Arising


SA reminded everyone that there had been a commitment at the AGM to review SPRA’s current boundaries (as defined by the conservation area). However given the time pressures on the meeting tonight, the Secretary should ensure that the discussion is put on the Agenda as a priority for the next meeting.

Dog Waste – SA reported that since the dog poo bag dispensers were installed in the Square earlier this year, over 1,000 bags a month had been taken by dog walkers, and it was generally felt that there had been an accompanying reduction in dog waste overall. As a result he had authorised Mary Mortimer to replenish stocks. However, since concerns have been expressed about walkers taking more bags than for their immediate need, SA said that he and OLW planned to create a small notice to place on the dispensers. This would state that the bags were provided by voluntary donations, and that contributions to funds would be welcome.

GN reminded that Committee that the original plan was to affix a list of park by-laws on the sign, which would allow the Parks Police to enforce local law more effectively. SA said that OLW would continue to talk to the police about this and that a suitable alternative display space would be found for a by-law notice

St Peter’s School – SB updated the Committee on several fronts:

Planning Application for new fencing and a gate on Standish Road - There was still no decision from the Council, despite the fact that the original application was made 6 months ago. She added that the Fire Brigade had had sight of the proposals and were in support of the new access gate.

Hire Policy for the Scott Building – Governors had met with a private company that specialises in letting school halls for private hire. She said that their preference is for long-term meeting hire, as opposed to one-off “events.” Once they are engaged by the school, they will help to formulate a lettings policy and SB confirmed that this would be subject to consultation as previously advised.

SPRA Donations – SB said she would like more time to consult on what might be a suitably “community-minded” donation to school assets.

Newsletter – LD reported that she planned to publish another newsletter this side of Christmas, to include news of the Winter Party, Church service dates, and new arrangements for subs payment.

Marquee in the Square – SA said that following the last meeting, FB and SB had helped to track down the criteria by which SPRA had previously decided to assess its support for private marquee applications. These are:

1.The event is for/organised by residents of long standing in the neighbourhood/with strong connections with the local area

2.Music stops by 10.30pm and all is quiet by 11pm

3.Public access to the gardens is maintained and that the footpaths are not blocked by the marquee / other associated tents or equipment

4.Organisers also normally make a donation to SPRA which is put towards the planting and up-keep of the gardens.

As a consequence SA was able to confirm that SPRA was supportive of the recent application for a marquee in July 2016, and that he had written to the Council to that effect.

Financial Position – LR circulated a snapshot of SPRA’s current financial position, showing total funds of £9,973.14.

TfL updates – SA said that including all TfL updates on the SPRA Twitter feed was perhaps a step too far, given that many updates were not immediately relevant to the area. However, ND and LD both said that rumours of the closure of Hammersmith Bridge in 2016 have been flying around, and that any hard information would be very useful to circulate.

4. Planning Updates

Update on applications previously discussed:

St Peters School – Replacement of wooden fence to Standish Road with wire mesh etc. SPRA commented. Decision was due 19 June 15 but remains outstanding.

18 St Peters Square – Application to use studio at rear other than as ancillary to the main house, as a chiropractic clinic. The Appeal was successful with permission granted 16/11/15.

3 Beavor Grove – rear extension, enlarged basement, changes to windows, doors etc. SPRA commented. Refused October 14th

53 North Eyot Gardens – conversion to 4 flats, extension to the rear, 3rd floor balcony, changes to façade and gable end, etc. SPRA lodged its concerns following the last meeting. Application refused 2/10/15.

3 St Peters Square – Two storey rear extension with balcony etc. SPRA commented on this 4th application. Approved at the planning committee on 29 July but decision is subject to legal challenge and is proceeding to a Judicial Review.

New applications since the last meeting:

Cross Keys, 57 Black Lion Lane – a new application to develop/convert storage areas to the rear into a bar and outside BBQ /dining area was met with various concerns from neighbours. The Brewery, who submitted the plans, withdrew the application on 23rd November.

In addition to these existing applications, it was noted that there is plenty of building activity at Riverview House. Certain renovations to windows and landscaping are being made, as permitted under an application granted in 2013 that preceded an unsuccessful application to develop the block as student accommodation.

SA also reported that he had been along to an Open House consultation at 22 St Peter’s Grove, for which plans are being developed (but which have not yet been submitted).

5. Flagpole

The Committee discussed the flags and the flagpole at some length. GN said that in a year of flag-flying, she thought that 82 flags from 23 countries have been flown, and asked that there be some public clarification of the criteria by which flags are flown. She regarded the choices of flag flown had at times appeared random or inconsistent. SB, ND and LR all supported this view, agreeing that if the old list (as previously developed by the committee) was not applicable then some new guidelines were needed.

SA noted that neither the flagpole, nor the flags (donated by private individuals) are SPRA assets to be managed. He added that a sign to the side of the flagpole spells out the process by which flags can be suggested and/or donated/ lent for flying. SB and GN registered their discontent that Committee time had previously been spent formulating a list that would be disregarded.

SA circulated documents (a) setting out the criteria applied to the flags and (b) summarising the feedback (both positive and negative) received from members of the community. Generally the flags are much appreciated by people who live, play and work here. GN countered that there were others within the community who didn’t hold that view; both she and ND noted that anecdotal support for flag-flying was not an appropriate basis on which to manage flag-flying, as some flags could always divide opinion. SA countered that the process could never be wholly objective or representative, and that the document covered both sides.

Moving forward, SA agreed with SB, GN and ND that it would be useful to publish the criteria for the flags on the SPRA website, including the commitment to avoid party political flags, an explanation as to why sometimes an ‘expected’ flag isn’t flying and making it clear as to how a member of the community could ask for a particular flag to be flown.

6. Events

Garden Day – SA said that the Garden Day in early October was a great success, with over 50 people in attendance. He thanked Mary Mortimer for all her help in procuring the catering, and ND and OLW for planning and leading the event, and LD for spreading word beyond SPRA members. He added that it was great to see some new faces, including parents and children from the school, and suggested a Spring follow-up when the many bulbs planted should be in bloom.

Winter Party 2016 – This is taking place at The Carpenter’s Arms on Monday 25th January 2016. LR is liaising with the pub. LD said that she would publicise the event in the new newsletter, and that a flyer would also be circulated.

Fulham Palace Talk – LR reported that this event had made a small profit and that she would like SPRA to make a small donation of £50 to Palace funds. The Committee agreed.

SA reminded that Committee that as Jilly Paver had stepped aside from events organisation, SPRA would need someone to take on the job going forward. No-one immediately volunteered so this will continue to be discussed at the next meeting.

7. AOB

Open Air Cinema – SA reported that he’d heard from the Church Events Committee asking for SPRA’s support for an open air cinema event in the Square sometime in Summer 2016. He had responded positively subject to input from the committee and on the basis that the same criteria as for marquees would be applied.

8. Date/Venue next meeting

LD said that she would publish a list of dates before Christmas.

9. Street Reps sub-meeting

Many of the SPRA street reps then joined the meeting. The Committee thanked them for their hard work in making SPRA an effective organisation, for liaising with members, collecting subs, delivering newsletters and promoting/attending events.

SA explained the Committee’s plan to formalise membership and the payment of subs by standing order, to make their collection less tiresome. He handed out the list of members covered by each street rep and a sample membership/SO form which will be pre-completed for each member for comment.

The reps were asked to use these forms when collecting subs in January. SA added that this was also an opportunity to formalise the membership list, as we are asking existing members to update all their relevant details. LD said that as an additional support, subs collection would be flagged in the next newsletter.

Street reps were then asked to give feedback on the form. The Committee will provide them with a set of the pre-completed forms for their members and a number of “blank” forms for new members early in the new year.

10. Neighbourhood Watch sub-meeting

AS part of SPRA’s plan to raise the profile of NHW within the area, the meeting was then joined by two officers from the Met’s Safer Neighbourhood Watch team, and by other interested residents and current NHW co-ordinators.

The officers discussed how NHW operates, and what is required to set a scheme up. Those present shared recent experiences of attempted burglaries and of doorstep, telephone and online scams.

There are three current NHW schemes in the SPRA area; one more is in the process of setting up. As a result of the session, at least two more members came forward to get the ball rolling on their streets, and three reps agreed they would pool resources and work together to make a more effective linked scheme.


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