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Flag in St Peter’s Sq #W6 marks #IndependenceDay in 1931 for #SouthAfrica following the 1926 Balfour Declaration. T… https://t.co/HHtJ5Ee6b6
13 hours ago Follow Us - @SPRA_W6
#WhiteEnsign in St Peters Sq #W6 marks sinking of HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse off Malaysia in 1941. https://t.co/ZO7jo75fza
Yesterday Follow Us - @SPRA_W6
Flag in St Peter’s Sq #W6 remembers sailors lost in #WW1 naval battles of Coronel and, on 8 Dec 1914, #Falklands https://t.co/NkMECGIDyS
3 days ago Follow Us - @SPRA_W6
#CrossKeys flag for #StPeters School Fair today Sat 1 Dec Scott Hall, corner of St Peters Rd and St Peters Grove. S… https://t.co/mtNmx3k5bJ
2 weeks ago Follow Us - @SPRA_W6
#Saltire flying in St Peters Sq #W6 for #StAndrewsDay 30 Nov. He is patron saint of #Scotland, #Barbados, #Greece,… https://t.co/YdPJjzpM6q
2 weeks ago Follow Us - @SPRA_W6

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